My Blog Relief

Yay! Finally, I found an answer to my very question that is really worrying me about my blog. Yesterday, I was thinking about making a new blogger account for a new personal blog. After doing my registration to Gmail, I proceeded creating a new account in blogger to start my new blog.

To cut it short, my activity yesterday is a my first huge disaster experienced in blogspot. After posting my third post, a foreign page popped up saying my blog was deleted. As in "Oh my God! what did I do?!". So then I signed for a blog restoration link entering my phone number to request it's restoration blah blah blah and it says I have to wait for 2 business days for the Google team to check it and see if it's not a Spam blog.

Whew! frustrating right? So checking up what was happening, after surfing the net for answers, I found out that Google is using a robot thingy to check on blogs. Hmm, my blog is detected as Splog. After reading a couple of blogs, I also found out that I am not alone who encountered this issue. I came to realize I am even more lucky to have lost only 3 posts. Others even have lost 700 or more without having any blog back up.

That makes me wonder why. I am not even violating their terms and policies neither some bloggers I met who encountered the same issue. How awfully tragic. So, since I got drained and stressed about what happen, I decided to permanently close my Gmail account to erase every site associated with it including Blogger.

I'm so super sad, stressed and starts to worry about "what if that happens to my main blog?" Oh no, please no! "What should I do?" So, I wonder how blogspot bloggers survive a long term relationship with blogspot. I still have to know more things for sure on how to blog successfully in blogspot. I'm still a newbie that's why I blog about this. Hopefully if you read this, you might like to share your tips and techniques with me too.

I only know one remedy and that is backing up your blog in case of emergency. So I searched online and found an answer. One of the best thing about blogger now is that they already have an "export and import" feature. So you can actually back up your blog's posts in 3 easy steps. Now I don't have to worry if they delete my blog for no exact reason.

Thanks for reading.

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