Vanness Wu

Van Ness Wu is a Taiwanese American actor, singer, director, producer based in Asia. He was born on August 7, 1978, in Santa Monica, United States. He worked as a telemarketer before moving to Taiwan. As a member of Taiwanese boyband F4, he has appeared on three albums. He has also released three solo albums, and collaborated with Korean star Kangta to produce one album, "Scandal." He has also been featured on singles by Beyoncé and Coco Lee.

Wu has also appeared in several dramas for Taiwanese television both with and without other members of F4, and has starred in three motion pictures.

Wu has directed two music videos off his "V.DUBB" album, as well as a video for Nike's "This is Love" campaign in Hong Kong. He was also executive producer with Terry Tye Lee on the Nike track, "She's Not Sorry."

Van Ness is managed by talent manager Carl Choi

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