Sophie Auster

Sophie Auster (born July 6, 1987, Brooklyn, New York City) is an American actress and singer. She is the daughter of author and film director Paul Auster and writer Siri Hustvedt.

At the age of eight, Auster began to take singing lessons. A year later she had a very small part in a film; by the age of twelve she began acting lessons. At 16, she expressed an interest in pursuing a music career, and her father made use of his connections by contacting Michael Hearst and Joshua Camp of the musical duo One Ring Zero.

Paul Auster has contributed to their musical-literary project As Smart As We Are; he and his daughter are both shown on the corresponding prizewinning documentary film. It was decided then to produce a complete album together. Upon the advice of her father, the selection of lyrics mainly consists, apart from own texts (two derive from Sophie, three out of Paul Auster's hands) and a traditional medieval English one, of poems from prominent French surrealists: Guillaume Apollinaire, Philippe Soupault, Tristan Tzara, Robert Desnos as well as Paul Éluard. Most of those lyrics had been translated into English already in Paul Auster's early years. Finally the resulting self-titled album Sophie Auster shows an interplay of her well-trained voice and One Ring Zero's versatile orchestrated music.

In July 2006 Auster was on the cover of the Spanish issue of Rolling Stone magazine. Currently she is finishing her second album Broken Down Cabaret.

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In my life,
I don't need someone
who will
love me so much
or give
the world to me,
I need someone who's
gonna be there
and never leave me
"No matter
what happen..."
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