Leelee Sobieski

Liliane Rudabet Gloria Elsveta Sobieski (born June 10, 1982), known professionally as Leelee Sobieski, is an American actress. Sobieski achieved recognition in her mid-teens for her performance in the 1998 film Deep Impact. She received an Emmy nomination for the 1999 TV movie Joan of Arc, and two Golden Globe nominations for Joan of Arc and the 2001 TV movie Uprising.

Sobieski was born in New York City. Her parents are American novelist/screenwriter Elizabeth, who also works as Sobieski's manager, and French painter and former actor Jean Sobieski. Sobieski has a younger brother, Robert.

Sobieski's first name, "Liliane", was the name of her paternal grandmother. One of her middle names, "Elsveta", is derived from "Elżbieta", which is the Polish equivalent of "Elizabeth". Her father is of Polish and Swiss ancestry. Her maternal grandfather, United States Navy captain Robert Salomon, was Jewish, and Sobieski grew up in a "pan-religious" family; she has said that she is "proud of (her) Jewish roots". She attended Trevor Day School and studied literature and fine art at Brown University.

Sobieski speaks fluent French, which she learned from her father, who currently lives in France.

In January 2009, Sobieski began dating her future husband, fashion designer Adam Kimmel. The couple announced their engagement on July 17, 2009. On December 15, 2009, Sobieski gave birth to a baby girl, Louisanna Ray Kimmel, in a New York City hospital. The couple were married in Italy on August 31, 2010.

During an interview, Sobieski spoke about her views on having happiness and a positive attitude: "I think that happiness is a very strange thing. And we really feel that we have a right to this happiness. But I feel like it's constantly fluctuating, and that you can make yourself happy. I think it's an outlook. Having a positive attitude probably sounds like a corny thing to say, but a positive attitude really helps, and respecting your job really helps, and having the support of your family and friends really helps."

Sobieski, in a 2001 interview with IGN, spoke about her thoughts on if the movies she was doing were escapists or that they had a message for society: "Joy Ride isn't a film you would make a statement with. It's a fun, jump out of life film. That's great. I love those films. Those films are great in times like these too. You can make a point with a film and help society or not. Take a film like Bulworth, a fantastic film. There are certain films like that that can appeal to everybody and have a message in it and that's really great."

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