Daniel Henney

Daniel Phillip Henney (Hangul: 다니엘 필립 헤니; born November 28, 1979) is an Korean American actor and model.

Daniel Henney was born to a Korean adoptee mother and an American father of Irish descent. Henney started modeling in the U.S. in 2001 and worked in France, Italy, Hong Kong and Taiwan while attending college. After his debut in South Korea with an advertisement for the Amore Pacific's cosmetic "Odyssey Sunrise", he became a spokesperson for commercials with Jeon Ji-hyun for Olympus cameras and Kim Tae-hee for Daewoo Electronics's Klasse air conditioners.

Despite speaking no Korean, Henney became a household name through the South Korean hit TV drama, My Name is Kim Sam Soon. He later learned a bit of the language and appeared on a few variety shows, such as Family Outing. Henney was a part of an academic scandal in which many sources stated that he had an Economics degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago to bolster his image, while in actuality he had no college degree.

In 2009, he portrayed Agent Zero in the film X-Men Origins: Wolverine. In the fall season of 2009, he is playing "Dr. David Lee" in the CBS television drama, "Three Rivers".

In 2010, Henney returned to South Korea television for KBS2's The Fugitive: Plan B, alongside Korea's most famous singer Bi Rain and actress Lee Na Young.

Henney is known to be best friends with Jung Ryu Won and have filmed two television series, Hello Franceska and My Lovely Sam Soon together. Henney dated Maggie Q.

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