Blog Dressing

Well it's been quite a while since I haven't updated my blog's look. I was a bit busy and lazy lately to sit in front of the pc and if I ever do have the chance, I have this huge "sawa-factor" or fed up already that is building with "YOURS CUTEE". The previous moments when I get online was just spent on blog hopping and coming up with the creation of new personal blogs similar to "YOURS CUTEE".
To think about it, this blog already has a little sentimental value and I earn a little from this one too. I decided to keep it. It's a mix-up blog of random things so to elliminate the "fed up factor" that is slowly building, here's the new look, a header-less blog! Something different and minimal which I got inspired from the other blogs that I hopped on. I had another blog which I just dressed and it's similar to this template that you can see now.

The first recent blog which I made is MANGA CUE. It is made solely for anime illustration pictures which I found fascinating and amazingly done by Manga artists. I posts the manga images after reading a certain Manga.
 Well my blogs are just pretty similar and I hope you'll support them by visiting. Thanks

P.S Oh by the way, if you have any questions how did I tweak my blog, you can drop me line below and I'll sure reply. XoXo

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