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Hello! First of all I want to grab this opportunity to extend my warmest "Thank You!" for stopping by on my blog. I'm actually a newbie with this kind of publishing so by this time, I am still exploring on some things and making use of every resources that I could grasp online.

It's good to have blogger since I find it user friendly for starters like me. In addition, I'm really glad that they upgraded some of their systems' features to make it more convenient for us bloggers. Now you can actually design or customize the desired look for your blog. How your blog looks is one of the motivations to keep you feeding its content.

As for me, looking at my blog inspires me to write whatever I wish. It's more of my outlet when I have free time. What do I think about my blog? It's a sort of my fave online storage about different stuff. My blog is a bit mixture of random ideas which I gather through net surfing. I am not a writer, a guru or something. However, I want to share what I learn through this blog.

There's plenty of learning from my blog explorations and escapades that I want to put into words since as a newbie myself, I find it so hard to get started on building my own blog. This was all new to me and until now, I still keep on researching to answer my blog issues.

So much for my blog issues, I will try my very best to share my experiences about shaping and making my blog.

1. Know What You Like For Your Blog.

It's really important to make a draft so plan out your blog well. This is one of the steps I missed when I was starting. I was so stuck on beautifying my blog before and when I'm done and ready for my content, I end up changing the whole thing again since I don't have the fixed ideas about my topic and my blog design does not coincide my topic. You might want to write about your favorites, your wish lists, experiences, day to day journal (if you want to let the world know) , photos and videos, tips or you little learnings about different stuffs, or any of your written masterpieces.

2. Customize.

Now one of the purposes why you're blogging is that you want someone to read what you've feed to your blog. How others see your blog could be a compliment or otherwise. If your getting compliments then it will boost your appetite to make your audience or readers keep coming to your blog.

Your blog's design is one of the factors why you're attracting readers. I can say that this is one the most enjoyable time in making your blog. As for me, I have the longest time in designing my blog. If I'm not mistaken, I have downloaded almost a hundred templates to test my blog. It's a real time consuming that is why, I suggest you plan your topic first and by that time, you can visualize you're ideal blog design.

There are lots of blog templates online to choose from, some of them could be customize according to your heart's desire. I used to test a lot of templates on my blog before but nothing pleases me since I tend to be so meticulous sometimes and adding up some of my favorite applications ruins my ideal design. It's just later after I tested a hundred templates I come to realize I am minimalist. The next article I am sharing soon is about blog customization so I am sharing some of the templates I designed especially for those who want their blogs to be simple, plain, yet unique.

3. Professionally Personalized.

Personalize your blog like a notebook and make it look professional since you open that notebook for your readers. As much as possible be unique just as you are unique. That makes you different. and it distinguishes you from the others because you stand out. I hope you find this blog helpful. I will be posting more of my ventures very soon. If you want to check it sometime you may add me on your friends' list for quick updates access. Good luck and see you soon.

That would be all  from a newbie's thought. Thanks for reading.

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