Jerry Yan

Jerry Yan was born 1 January 1977. He is a Taiwanese actor and member of Taiwanese boy band F4. His birth name is Liao Yangzhen.

With his role of "Dao Ming Si" in Meteor Garden, Jerry Yan became a sensation across Asia almost overnight. His devotion to "Shan Cai" has redefined our generation's definition of "Ideal Boyfriend" as he won the affections of girls all over Asia ever since the year Meteor Garden was aired as it continues to capture the hearts of many and even sparked reproductions in Korea and Philippines. Following the overwhelming success of Meteor Garden, Jerry and the other members of F4 were immediately introduced to the entertainment industry as Singers, Actors and Hosts of their own shows. With several albums and endless endorsements under their belt, F4 was dubbed as the most popular and successful boyband in Asia.

When Jerry is not in F4, he, like the others, has his own successful solo career as both a singer and an actor. Jerry's first album was in 2004 and the second was in 2009. Both albums has convinced many of his singing skills and that he is not just an idol. After his portrayal of the legendary "Dao Ming Si", Jerry continues to wow audiences with his excellent characterization of "Dr Su Yi Hwa" in the 2006 non-idol drama The Hospital which co-stars Leon Dai. The Hospital was the breakthrough drama which convinced many that Jerry Yan can achieve more than just a one-time success in Meteor Garden. Similarly, Jerry also continues to act in many successful dramas like HotShot (2008), Starlit (2009) and the upcoming Down With Love(also named "Just Want to Depend on You") which stars Ella Chen of S.H.E.

His newly released Album "Extra Freedom" achieved outstanding results. The Album was released on 18 June 2009 in Taiwan and now still sits firmly within Top 10 in G-music Chart(G Music is the index for the number of sold Albums). The Japanese version of "Extra Freedom" broke the record (the highest ranking)among the Chinese Song Albums in Oricon Chart Japan.

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